Witch's Bottle Necklace Miniature Spiral Wand BesomMojo Bag Crafted Laburnum

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Fantastic Witch Bottle Necklace.
This Magical Witch's Bottle is perfect if you are a collector of Miniature Items, or you want to purchase a very unusual necklace.
The Little Bottle measures 4cms tall x 2cms diameter and comes complete with a cork
It is finished with a ribbon, and comes on a long adjustable waxed cord.
Inside the bottle are items handcrafted from Laburnum Wood, a most beautiful wood with fantastic markings.
There is .....
A Laburnam Spiral design Wand with silver wire intrest....1.25" long 0.125" at its widest point.
A Hand crafted Laburnam beson with silver wire interest......1.25" long and approx 0.5" wide, at its widest point.
A miniature Mojo bag filled with a Spiritual handblended mixture of herbs and resins.
The Witch's Bottle necklace is contained in a Brown Organza Bag for safe keeping, or would be a perfect magical gift!

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