Witches Mini Altar Set in a Wooden Chest Athame Wand Chalice Cauldron Bowl Broom


A Miniature Altar Set in a Wooden Chest
Woodturned and handcrafted in Ebony.
A wood associated with the mind and is a diverse wood for tools
This set is perfect if you are travelling or away from home, or if you need to keep things hidden from prying eyes!
It is all contained in a rather rustic little chest, dark brown almost black in colour with a hinged lid and a hook fastener to keep your items safely inside
The inside is padded and covered in a lovely soft and sparkly white material
Its Measurements are 5" x 3" x 3" or 12cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm
A slender Wand with intricate detail approx 2.25" or 5.7cm long and 0.13"/0.3cm in diameter
An Intricate matching Athame approx 1.75" or 4.5cm long and 0.18"/0.4cm maximum width
An elegant Chalice approx 1" or 2.5cm tall and 0.35" or 0.9cm maximum diameter
A fabulous three legged cauldron with removable lid and wire handle approx 0.75" or 1.8cm high and 0.45" or 1.1cm maximum diameter
An elegant shallow bowl approx 0.2" or 0.42cm tall and 0.75" or 1.8cm in diameter
A Witches broom approx 3.75" or 9.5cm long and 1" or 2.5cm at its widest point
Complete with a special blend satin Mojo Bag tied with Linen
One of a kind, the perfect travel Altar or addition to your current Altar or as a lovely Gift for someone special