Vintage Solid Brass Charcoal Burner inc 25g resins Frankincense Myrrh Three Kings


Vintage Solid Brass Charcoal Burner ready to use
A lovely ornamental item,
Brass Charcoal Burner all ready to use.
This Brass Burner has holes cut out of the sides and lid is very oriental in appearance.
It makes a wonderful burner for resins or for large incense cones
This Brass Burner with its many uses would make a fabulous gift for Yule or anytime
It comes with 3 Bags of Incense Resin 25gms of each of the following........
Frankincense, Myrrh and Three Kings Resin, all wrapped up in cellophane with curling ribbon decoration.
There are 3 Charcoal discs enabing you to use it right away, plus a bag of reusable sand to line the base of the burner before lighting the charcoal discs.
Measurements :-
Overall height 3" (7.5cms)
Max diameter 5" (13cms)
Stands on 3 legs
All measurements are Approx