Vintage Brass Candle Holder with 4 Red Taper Dinner Candles Altar Item Dinner Candlestick candelabra


Vintage Candle Holder with 4 Red taper Candles.
A beautiful vintage piece, would make a fabulous table center piece. with 6 colored Candles.
This fantastic Brass candle holder would look as fabulous on any Altar, but it would also look great on a dining table or dresser.
It is mid 20th Century Vintage.
A fantastic piece as I have said.
It is 9.5" (24cms) long The width (depth) 3" (7.5cms) The height is 2.5" (6.3cms)
There are 4 cups inside to hold the candles.
The brass candle holder has star/pentagrams cut out, 14 in all going round the base.
It is being sold with 4 red taper candles 8" tall......
A truly wonderful item