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Vintage Brass Candle Holder Wee Willie Winkie

Collections: Altar Ware

Vintage Brass Candle Holder reminiscent of the one used by the Nursery Rhyme Wee Willie Winkie.
This fantastic Brass Candle Holder would look fabulous on any Altar, but it would also look great on a dining table or dresser.
Brilliant to use too if you had a power cut.
Standing 4" tall (10cms) with a base diameter of 4" (10cms)
It takes a .0.75" standard candle
The Candle Holder has a handle plus it has its own Candle Snuffer which neatly attaches to the thumb plate on the handle.
A very interesting property of this Holder is that it has an eject Candle mechanism....no more having to dig out old burnt candle wax or candles.
This mechanism tightens up when using a candle, so it will not eject by accident.
It is being sold with 1 Red 8" (20cms) taper Candle.
Would make a fantastic Gift for Yule or anytime...its lovely.

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