Travel Set of 7 Pure Essential Oils in a Pentagram Box Sample Size Oils Aroma


Travel Set of 7 Pure Essential Oils
A very useful set for taking on vacation or to work.
How many people take bottles of Essential Oil on vacation with them.
Before you know where you are your medicine bag is full of these bottles.......
I have put together a set of 7 pure Essential Oils which you might find useful, or as a sample set if you have always wanted to try them, but didn't wish to buy full size bottles.
This set contains 7 Essential Oils in a Pentagram box.
The bottles are labelled and are......
1.25'' (3cms) tall
diameter...0.6'' (1.5cms)
They hold approx 3mls of Oil, enough to see you through several holidays, or to try them out.
The Oils of course may also be used in incense and herb blends
Great for burning in water on an Oil Burner.
The Oils include......
Citronella, Cloves, Eucalyptus, Lavender, May Chang, Peppermint and Tea Tree.
They come in an Octaganol Black Box with a Gold Pentagram design
A polished wood carved pot, which is......
4.5cms tall and 6.5cms diameter
(1.75'' x 2.75'')
There is a brass clasp on it.
There is an information sheet accompanying this set too...
Would make a great gift.