Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace handcrafted from 5000 year old Irish Bog Oak Wood Pagan Wicca Ritual Witchcraft

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Crescent Moon design Pendant Necklace

Created using 1mm Sterling Silver crafted into and through the wood.

Handcrafted from 5000 year old Irish Bog Oak Wood

(These bogwoods are retrieved from the Irish boglands where they have been buried for centuries, the antiseptic action of the bog causes the texture of the wood to transform, in this case the Oak becomes a fine black, self-lubricating wood, fabulous to touch with almost magical properties)

approximate overall length 1.7" or 4.4cm

the width is approximately 0.7" long or 1.7cm

the approximate thickness is 0.25" or 0.7cm at its widest point

Threaded through a Tibetan Silver pendant hanger and attached with a strong silver plated loop, the overall length of the black leather cord is 32" maximum although this has an adjustable sliding knot so can be adjusted smaller to suit your preference.

Very Elegant and traditional design with intricate detail, one of a kind and smooth to the touch

finished in beeswax for a natural protection

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