Silver plated earrings inset with 5000 yr old Irish Bog Oak woodturned unique

Collections: Earrings, Jewellery

Unique Silver plated stud earrings with plastic butterfly backs, inset with wooden domes woodturned and handcrafted from 5000 year old Irish Bog Oak
(These bogwoods are retrieved from the Irish boglands where they have been buried for centuries, the antiseptic action of the bog causes the texture of the wood to transform, in this case the Oak becomes a fine black, self-lubricating wood, fabulous to touch with almost magical properties)
the approximate diameter of the earrings is 0.5" or 1.25cm and approximately 0.2" or 0.4cm in thickness
Smooth to the touch and finished in beeswax for a natural protection.
Complete in a stylish silver box, so would make a lovely Gift for someone special

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