Set of 12 Incense Resins with Information Sheet Altar set Rituals Witch Wiccan tool Pagan Gift Set Frankincense Myrrh Dragon's Blood Copal

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A wonderful opportunity to purchase 12 different Incense Resins.

Angels & Demons, Colophony, Copal, Dammar Gum, Damaru Pattu, Dragon's Blood, Four Star Resin, Frankincense, Guggle, Myrrh Incense, Three Kings and Vatican Mix

Each resin comes in a labelled grip sealed bag and weighs approx 15gms.

An extremely economical way to purchase some usual and unusual resins.

You will also receive an A4 Parchment Scroll explaining the different uses of the 15 Incense resins.

The resins are ideal to burn on charcoal discs in a ceramic cauldron, please check out our range of cauldrons

Incense is used in many ways ...

Burning incense resin is not restricted to Magical work, it is a lovely way to "fragrance" the house naturally.

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