Red Mallee Burr Arrowhead Carnelian Gemstone beads Sterling Silver 925 wooden Necklace 18" Silver chain unique special gift boxed

Fabulous Red Mallee Burr wood Arrowhead design Pendant Necklace, with semi-precious Carnelian beads and Sterling Silver beads, complete with a 18" Sterling Silver chain stamped 925.

The hand crafted arrowhead in Red Mallee wood has beautiful natural markings, slightly darker colours on one side and is approximately 1.4" or 3.5cm long and 0.55" or 1.4cm wide.

Connected to this is a pair of round 4mm Carnelian beads and a 6mm Carnelian bead, seperated with 2mm Sterling Silver beads, additional components are all in Sterling Silver.

The overall drop length holding the necklace from the chain clasp to the bottom of the pendant is approximately 11.25" or 29cm.

Complete in a natural card gift box, approx 2.5" x 1.5" so would make a lovely Gift for someone special

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