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Vintage Pottery Candle Holder with 2 White Pillar Candles
A beautiful unusual vintage piece, which would make a fabulous table center piece with 2 Ivory Candles.
This center piece consists of 2 separate parts, .....
A stand measuring approx 3.5in (9cms) tall.
The base diameter is..3.25in (8.5cms)
The top diameter..3.25in (8cms)
The top is very interestin, it has 2 depths.....
The inner hole of the cup is 2.5in (6.5cms) and would take a 1'' (diameter) dinner style candle...
The outer depth is 1.5in (4cms) and fits a 2'' pillar candle easily.......shown in the photograph
The bowl, lantern that fits on the stand is....approx 4.5 in tall (11cms)
Base diameter....2in (5cms)
Top diameter...3.75in (9.5cms)
It is decorated with cut our hearts and circles and both pieces have been glazed wth a very attractive green.
Completeing the set are 2 pillar candles......
These measure approx 6'' x 2'' and 3'' x 2'' perfect for using with this set.