Pair of Pentagram Candle Holders in Muhuhu wood with Handrolled Beeswax Ivory Candles Altar Set Unique Gifts Pagan Wiccan


Fabulous pair of Woodturned Candle Holders in Muhuhu wood with a wonderful grain and natural markings with a Pentagram design burnt into each holder.

Muhuhu is an East African tree (Brachylaena hutchinsii) a strongly aromatic hard, heavy and durable wood similar to sandalwood.

Complete with a pair of Ivory 4" Hand rolled Beeswax Candles.

These candle holders are approx 2.75" or 7cms in diameter and 1" or 2.5cms tall and have felt bases.

These would look wonderful on any fireplace, special table or as a feature for those who have an Altar

Finished in Beeswax to enhance the natural beauty of the grain.