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Handrolled Beeswax Spell Candles
Please note that the Lime Green candles are much paler than shown
***This listing is for 1pair of 2 inch Spell Candles***
Beeswax is a natural magical material.
The wax is very clean burning without soot and emitting a slightly sweet honey scent.
These candles have been handrolled therefore they are not totally identical.
They measure 2 inches tall (5cms) by 0.5inches diameter (1.5cms)
They are perfect for all workings, circle and Altar casting, and look magical on your Altar
Choose from he following colours.......
Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Lime Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Burgundy, Pink, Natural, Ivory, Brown and Black
Colour Correspondences
Blues is associated with ... laughter, joy and loyalty, wisdom and self-awareness. Also associated with calming, peace and sleep.
Blue represents Water and the direction West
Use Pale Blue on the Altar at Imbolc with a White Candle.Also use for Well Being and Harmony
Yellow Candles represent the element Air. and the Cardinal direction East. Also Midsummer, Ostara and Litha
Green Candles may be used to represent the Element Earth, and the direction North.Use at Beltane, Midsummer and associated with Home and Finances
Use Lime green candles during springtime rituals.
For Burgundy Candles are associated with time mastery
Also associated with relationships, sex and passion
Use Brown Candles to represents the Earth, and also Home.
Associated with decisiveness, concentration and telepathy.
Red Candles represent the Element Fire and the Cardinal direction South.
Use on the Altar at Yule,
Associated with Love, Fertility, Passion
Pink Candles associated with Romantic Love and Healing
Especially important for agape, unconditional love.
Orange Candles are associated with aFriends, Energy, in Success Prosperity and Concentration.
Purple Candles .Use on the Altar at Samhain.
Associated with ambition, legal matters, spiritual love, Psychic Ability, Spirituality
Black Candles are important at Samhaim
Associated with banishment negativity, healing and breaking hexes.
White Candles are a good choice to have on the Altar at any time.
Associated with purification,protection,cleansing, and to represent the female deity.
Use white as a substitute for any other colour when not available
Use Natural Candles at anytime.
As always never leave a candle burning unattended.


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