Goddess Crone Candle Beeswax Handrolled Black Pillar Candle Lace Ribbon Goddess


Handrolled Beeswax Black Goddess Candle
Use the Candle in your Rituals, or to decorate your Altar at any time of the year.
Honour the dark Goddess or Crone.
Use in Menopause Celebrations.
Use to acknowlege the passing from mother into wise crone.
Handrolled in Black Beeswax, decorated with Black Lace, back satin ribbon and has a Tibetan Silver Goddess Charm on it.
The charm could be used as a pendant.
The candle is 4ins tall (10cms) x 1.75ins (4.5cms)
It is made up of solid Ivory beeswax . Ivory is a perfect colour to use as a substitute candle for any spell or ritual.
Comes in cellophane so would make a lovely gift
Beeswax is a natural material.
The wax is very clean burning without soot and emitting a slightly sweet honey scent.
As always never leave a candle burning unattended.