Fairy Altar Set with Figurine Chalice Ceramic Burner Toadstools Candle Holders Fairy Dust


Fabulous Fairy Altar Set
comprising of
Purple Fairy figurine
Beautiful sparkling Fairy in purple,gold and turquoise, with exquisite wings and intricate detail
approx 8" or 20cm tall
the base is approx 3" in diameter
Fairy Incense Cone Burner
This enchanted burner is handmade in stoneware and hand painted, no two are identical which adds to their charm.
approx 6" or15cm tall and the base is approx 2.5" or 6.5cm diameter.
Use with incense cones and see the smoke coming out of the little chimney on the side.
Supplied with sahasrara purple incense cones, so that you can use it right away.
Made in Cornwall England
Silver plated Chalice
approx 4.3" or 11cm tall with a base diameter of 2" or 5cm
Made in Italy
2 x Beeswax handcrafted toadstools
in purple and white
approx 2" or 5cm tall and 2" or 5cm diameter
2 x Clear Glass Star shaped Candle Holders
Suitable for spell and all 0.5" diameter candles.
Size approx 1.5"
Small glass offering bowl
approx 2" or 5cm in diameter
decorated with a small Tibetan Silver Toadstool tied with purple ribbon
Fairy Herb Blend and Flower Blend
in 2" x 2" grip seal bags
Pretty Lilac Silk Altar Cloth
approx 16" x 16" or 40cm x 40cm
Completing this set is a small bottle of Fairy dust
One of a kind set, this would make a lovely gift for someone special