Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Pendant Necklace Dice 5000 yr old Irish Bog Oak

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Handcrafted Elder Futhark Rune Dice Pendant Necklace

Each of the six sides has its own Runic symbol including Fehu(wealth) Uruz(Strength) Algiz(Protection) Berkana(Beloved) Inguz(True Love) and Dagaz(Good Luck)

These have been lovingly crafted from 5000 year old Irish Bog Oak

(These bogwoods are retrieved from the Irish boglands where they have been buried for centuries, the antiseptic action of the bog causes the texture of the wood to transform, in this case the Oak becomes a fine black, self-lubricating wood, fabulous to touch with almost magical properties)

They are approximately 0.7" x 0.7" x 0.7" or 1.7cm x 1.7cm x 1.7cm, these dimensions do vary a little.

the overall length of the black waxed cord is 30" maximum although this has an adjustable sliding knot so can be adjusted smaller to suit your preference.

This Pendant has been cut, sanded and had its respective markings burnt in before a final coat of Beeswax to seal and protect it.

Complete in an organza bag, so would make a lovely Gift for someone special

Also included is an illustrated information scroll tied with black ribbon.

Quite a rare wood, a fabulous Pendant not to be missed.

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