Ceramic Oil Burner 6.5" 16cms Burgundy Large with deep dish and lid with handle


Large Ceramic Burgundy Oil Burner with Lid
This unusual Burgundy oil burner, is much larger than usual.
Height (not including lid) 3.5 inches (9 cms)
Height with Lid (including handle) 6.5 ins (16 cms)
Diameter of the bowl is 5 inches (12.7 cms)
Diameter of base 3 ins (7.5 cms)
Depth of the bowl 11/4 ins (3.0 cms)
Having a wonderful wide deep bowl means that you are not constantly having to refill the bowl.
This ceramic burner has circles cut into the base to make a pattern.
The Lid has a handle for ease of removing
All in all this is an extremely high quality burner, which will please the most discerning of eyes.
Makes an attractive ornament when not in use