About Us

New Moon Enterprise is a unique online Store, selling online for many years.

We started off by focusing on bringing affordable Altar Sets and other Altar wares to the Pagan Community. Over the years we have sold many spell sets, herb sets of varying sizes, and we branched out into handrolled candles.

We have always sold hand crafted jewellery, and handturned wooden bowls etc taking on numerous commisions.

Last year we branched out further and started to produce Silver jewellery both with wood inserts and using gemstones. This is where we are now.

Over the last few months we have wound down our herb sets and sold off many of our pagan products.

We have now decided to concentrate on the jewellery side.

New Moon Enterprise has evolved.

We will be selling candles and wooden item still but will be increasing our jewellery range.

Our remaining pagan items may be found on our Ebay store.....the same name.

We would like to thank all our customers who have been extremely loyal and delight to serve, and hope that you will continue on our journey with us.

Based in Shropshire we continue to sell Worldwide

We have been established in this business for over 10 years, New Moon Enterprise is our flagship for the Company
and we do hope that you come on board, sign up for our newsletter and see what special offers and new products we have available.

Join our New customer reward program and get beans that you can spend now in our shop or save for a later purchase.

Brightest of Blessings.

Helen & Andy - Creators, Designers and Owners of New Moon Enterprise